Requirements for applying your bot for Verification on DEL
  • Your bot must post it's server count to our API (Info on our API here).

  • Your bot must be child friendly, it's primary purpose cannot be to service NSFW/Pornographic Content.

  • Your bot must be at least somewhat unique compared to other bots, we will not blindly verify your average bot that has somehow gained a few servers.

  • Your bot's uptime must be very high, we do not strictly monitor it but we will keep an eye on it once it is verified. Your bot can only be down for maintenance.

  • Your bot must follow all of the below;

    • Discord Terms of Service

    • Discord Guidelines

    • Discord Developer Terms

  • Your bot must also have a website and a support guild where users can ask for help if required.

  • It is ideal for your bot to be on the list for at least three days, but this rule is not strictly enforced by us.

  • Your bot must be in at least 100 servers to be verified.

    • Faking your server count is against our Terms of Service and will result in the termination of your bot listing and your account being banned.

  • Your bot must strictly follow the universal Discord Bot practices located here.

  • Use your long description wisely, take advantage of the ability to use Markdown, HTML, CSS and IFrames.