Staff Applicant Requirements

The list of up to date requirements to apply for staff on DEL.

Staff Applications are Currently: OPEN We are currently accepting new applications.


  • You must have a good understanding of how Discord works

  • You must be able to learn our procedures and how to use the bot's we use and the website

  • You must not be violating the Discord Terms of Service or Guidelines

    • You have to be over the age of 13

      • If you are found to be violating this, you will be banned permanently and all evidence will be submitted to Discord's Trust and Safety team.

    • You cannot be involved in illegal activities that occur on Discord.

  • You must be able to speak a decent amount of English ('re reading this?)

    • This includes being able to use grammar appropriately (punctuation, spelling, sentence structures, etc).

Bonus Requirements

These are not required but they will help!

  • You know how to use multiple methods to post a bot's server count to a bot list's API

    • Using BotBlock, Libraries and HTTP Requests

  • You have a Discord bot listed on DEL

  • You have previously been a staff member on another bot list


If applications are listed as closed above, you can still apply but it will either be denied without notice or it will be left pending until applications are marked as open.